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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

If you’ve dreamed of getting a brighter smile, then you may have wondered, “How long does teeth whitening last?”

The quick answer:

The effects of teeth whitening may last for a few months or a few years, but this depends on the method of whitening and maintenance.

At 16TH AVENUE DENTAL, we offer professional teeth whitening and will help answer some questions about whitening teeth, including:

  • How long does it last?
  • What factors affect the whitening results?

Let’s be honest:

There are many teeth whitening options available in stores and online. Still, the fastest and most effective way to create a brighter smile is professional teeth whitening at the dentist’s office or with a customized whitening kit to use at home.

We realize how important the look of your smile is and know that it’s easy to get caught up in advertisements that show over-the-top results with over-the-counter whitening systems. These include countless options – whitening trays, gels, strips, lights, and toothpastes.

It’s easy to get lost in the hype.

You may be wondering:

  • Do teeth whitening strips work?
  • Do those whitening trays really bleach teeth overnight?
  • Which should I buy?

There’s SO much out there!

Let’s back up a little bit.

Over-the-counter options can be a hit or miss, and there’s the risk of causing tooth and gum sensitivity if instructions aren’t followed correctly.

In addition to sensitivity from using too much or keeping it on too long, there’s the risk of uneven distribution of the bleaching solution. This may cause discoloration in spots that have been missed.

While some store-bought whiteners may have ingredients that work, the secret to the effectiveness is knowing if the system is right for you and knowing how to use it.

Instead of buying a whitening system on your own, consider meeting with your dentist to find out which teeth whitening method is best for you. Plus, you’ll learn ways to make your whitening results last longer.

Let’s review the basics about your tooth color:

A woman looking into the mirror and wondering how long will teeth whitening last from 16TH AVENUE DENTAL

What makes teeth look yellow?

You may not realize it, but the color of your teeth is a result of controllable and uncontrollable factors.

Factors that affect the color of your teeth include:

  • Food and drink
  • Smoking
  • Lifestyle
  • Dental hygiene
  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Medication
  • Trauma

During a consultation with your dentist, you may learn the reasons for any discoloration you’re experiencing and if it’s normal.

While you can control how well you brush and limit drinking red wine or coffee, you can’t control your medical history or age.

Fun fact: Enamel wears with age and causes a duller tooth color.

We apologize if that fact wasn’t exactly “fun,” but there’s good news…

Your dentist can help you find the best teeth whitening system based on your individual needs.

But wait:

Before starting any whitening treatment, it’s important to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy.

Now, on to the options:

If you’re looking to quickly whiten your teeth before a big event like a wedding or dream job interview, or just hoping to refresh your appearance instantly, then an in-office whitening by a dentist may be right for you.

The best part:

It takes just one visit to whiten teeth by several shades.

Dentists also offer take-home whitening kits with custom-fitted trays. This method takes longer but provides the convenience of whitening at home and the option for touch-ups.

The custom whitening trays are made to fit comfortably in your mouth and hold the whitening solution on teeth while protecting the gums and other sensitive areas of the mouth.

Professional teeth whitening is the top cosmetic dentistry procedure, and for good reason. It’s one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordable ways to improve your smile’s appearance.

How long does professional teeth whitening last?

On average, professional teeth whitening can last for several years if great dental care is maintained along with a healthy lifestyle.

If you go home and ignore thorough brushing while snacking on dark berries all day, then it’s no surprise that your teeth may darken.

Let’s be serious, though:

If you love certain foods and drinks that stain, we don’t blame you!

Just be sure to maintain excellent dental care on a daily basis, and don’t overdo the snacking.

There are simple ways to keep your teeth white after treatment.

Ways to make teeth whitening results last longer:

  • Brush properly
  • Floss daily
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco
  • Avoid food and drink that stain teeth
  • Maintain regular dental cleanings and exams
  • Perform at-home whitening touch-ups if recommended by your dentist

By considering these tips and discussing your treatment plan with a dentist, you’ll be better equipped to answer the question of “How long does cosmetic teeth whitening last?” for yourself.

Looking for professional teeth whitening in Calgary, Alberta?

There are many teeth whitening options available on the market, and some may seem tempting, but professional teeth whitening with the help of a dentist is the most effective. It’s fast, affordable, and safe.

You’ll save time and money by choosing a procedure that actually works with the help of your local dentist.

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