Dental Cleaning

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Calgary dental CleaningA regular professional teeth cleaning is critical in maintaining optimal oral health.

Our wonderful team of Dental Hygienists at our NW Calgary dental clinic not only remove tartar and plaque from your teeth, they examine for early signs of oral cancer and other oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontal disease and provide preventive dental care. They also educate you on ways to improve and maintain good oral health to help you keep your teeth for longer. Thus, maintaining regular hygiene appointments at our Calgary dental clinic helps prevent many serious and costly dental problems.

Our goal at 16TH AVENUE DENTAL is not only ensuring that all your dental health care needs are met, but making sure your visits are as comfortable and relaxing as much as possible. As a matter of fact, some of our patients have even fallen asleep in the chair while our Dental Hygienists complete their work.


At our NW Calgary clinic, our Dental Hygienists use a touch-screen ultrasonic scaling system called the Cavitron Touch to efficiently remove tartar from your teeth.  This touch-screen system allows for a comfortable and efficient cleaning experience.  All our dental hygienists are also competent at providing “hand-scaling only” hygiene visits upon patient request.  For patients with very sensitive teeth or have extensive root exposed areas, we also offer needle-free freezing during cleanings for a more comfortable experience.  Feel free to request for this service at your next hygiene appointment!

What can you expect at your first dental hygiene visit?

During a professional tooth cleaning at our NW Calgary dental clinic, your Dental Hygienist will use specialized tools designed to completely remove tartar from your tooth’s surface.

After all tartar has been removed, your teeth are ready to be polished using a mild paste that removes surface stains and smoothens the tooth’s surface. Once the main cleaning process is completed, your Dental Hygienist will perform a round of thorough flossing to ensure the areas between your teeth are entirely cleansed and cleared of plaque or debris.

Why should you have regular professional teeth cleanings?

Making sure you maintain regular oral hygiene practices at home is the first step in ensuring good tooth and gum health. However, certain things cannot be cared for when using regular household dental cleaning instruments. While brushing and flossing effectively removes plaque from your teeth, these methods do not effectively remove any tartar that may have built up. A professional teeth cleaning is needed to properly remove all the tartar build up from your teeth. In addition, research shows that oral inflammation increases the risk of developing diabetes, stroke, cardiac and respiratory disease and low pre-term birth weight in pregnant women. Therefore, scheduling regular hygiene appointments to have your teeth cleaned by our hygienists at NW Calgary’s 16TH AVENUE DENTAL not only helps maintain your oral health but overall health as well.

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