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Your Choice for NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic Dentistry is general dentistry and so much more
– it also allows you to express your own smile individuality

Your smile is one of the first features people notice; nothing beats a beautiful and confident smile when trying to make a good first impression. At 16TH AVENUE DENTAL, Dr. My Le offers a variety of dental treatments to create a beautiful and healthy smile.

Your NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

There are a number of different treatments that may be used alone or in conjunction with one another to change or enhance the appearance of your smile.

Before getting started with your treatment you will meet with Dr. Le for a pre-treatment consultation. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your chief complaint, desired outcome, and any other information you feel will help Dr. Le create the smile of your dreams. After your pre-treatment consultation, Dr. Le will provide you with a treatment plan that outlines the cost and estimated timeline for completion.

NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry Services

No two smiles are the same and even in the case of identical twins. What’s happening inside the mouth, aside from the appearance of the teeth, differs from person-to-person. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a variety of dental treatments to beautify the smile and improve the overall condition of the mouth. The primary treatments that are typically associated with cosmetic dentistry include:

When planning your NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry treatment, Dr. Le may include restorative dental treatments such as:


Learn More about NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry at 16TH AVENUE DENTAL

If you are embarrassed to show your teeth when you smile or simply want to enhance your current smile, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. My Le to learn how our NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry service can help you.

Our dental practice always welcomes new patients. No referral is required!