Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Keeping up with at home oral hygiene care and attending regular dental cleanings is critical, especially while wisdom teeth are erupting through the gums. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come out in the mouth. If your gums and oral tissue are healthy and there is enough room in the jawbone for the wisdom teeth to be properly aligned, they do not need to be removed. Extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary when they have become infected or have not come out properly. It is common for wisdom teeth to grow unevenly or become impacted. When this happens, you are at a higher risk for dental infections, developing decay on neighbouring teeth and experiencing intense jaw pain. The wisdom teeth generally begin to erupt from the gum, which exposes a flap of tissue that can trap bacteria and also lead to a serious dental infection. That’s why it’s better to have your NW Calgary dentist take out your wisdom teeth at the first sign of problems. The NW Calgary dentists at 16TH AVENUE DENTAL recommend having your wisdom teeth removed between the ages of 18-25, as the teeth will usually come out easier and healing time is typically quicker.

A panoramic x-ray allows our Calgary dentists to see how the wisdom teeth are positioned in your jaw bone. If they are impacted horizontally, they have the ability to change the bite or the position of your teeth, which can lead to future dental problems.

If you are a nervous about getting this treatment, our NW Calgary dentist can prescribe Ativan, an oral sedative, or provide nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) to help make the experience of having your wisdom teeth removed, as comfortable as possible.

If you are experiencing pain from wisdom teeth or know someone who is, please call us at 403-281-9141.