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NW Calgary Needle-Free Freezing

Do You Hate Needles? Do You Have Problems Getting Frozen?

At 16TH AVENUE DENTAL, we understand that a visit to the dentist isn’t always an enjoyable experience. We also appreciate that many people have problems getting “frozen” and that this can be an inconvenience as well as uncomfortable. We are pleased to offer our patients “The Wand®… This text opens the Wand® home page in a new tab …“. This incredible device allows us to freeze just one tooth, with no needles required!

We want you to sit back and relax! Our goal is to make sure that you are completely comfortable during your visit. Curl up under a blanket and watch television in one of our massage treatment chairs while we take care of your smile. Waiting for a loved one? Feel free to browse the internet, enjoy a warm beverage or browse our magazine library for a leisure read. After treatment, freshen up with a soothing lip balm or a warm towel.

Do You Have Problems Getting Frozen?

Patients sometimes report to us that they find it difficult to achieve an adequate level of “numbness” for typical and routine dental procedures.  Sometimes patients let us know that they experience sweaty palms and a racing heart at the thought of getting an anesthetic needle to “freeze” them for their procedure.

While there are options available at our clinic like Sedation Dentistry, we also use an alternative system called “The Wand®.”

What is The Wand?

The Wand is a computer-assisted Anesthesia System that has the ability to freeze a single tooth or a whole section at a time! While the tip of the Wand has a very small needle (this is necessary to pierce the soft tissue of your gums), it is reported to us that it is far less painful… This text opens the Wand® About page in a new tab … than a conventional dental syringe. In fact, most people report that they do not feel it at all.

The Wand® allows Dr. My Le to provide a computer regulated flow of anesthetic that provides immediate, pain-free dental freezing for all injection types. The Wand® continues to provide a steady flow of anesthetic to ensure that you are properly numb during the procedure.

Are You Terrified of Injections?

Did you know that one of the most common phobia’s is the fear of dental needles? Patients suffering from this type of phobia often times put off getting the necessary dental care they may be needing. While options like Sedation Dentistry can be ideal for those with fear and anxiety, most people simply dislike the “numb” feeling that comes from typical anesthetic as it freezes the whole section of the mouth instead of a single tooth.

For those who dislike the feeling of “numb tongue” or hate the thought of injections at all. The Wand® is a new revolutionary way to help those patients get the care that they need.

Does it Work as Well as Conventional Syringes?

Yes, The Wand® delivers exactly the anesthetic you need, at exactly the right rate, so you have nothing to fear about how well it works. The Wand® is also extremely easy for Dr. My Le to use as it has a very ergonomic design that dentist’s say is a pleasure to work with. So regardless of what type of injection is required, no matter what area of the mouth is being worked on, Dr. My Le is able to comfortably able to apply the required anesthetic accurately.

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