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Brighten Your Smile

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Are you looking to enhance your smile quickly? Then professional teeth whitening with our NW Calgary dentist may be the answer! A whiter, brighter smile instantly boosts confidence and makes a great first impression.

There are many reasons why teeth lose their luster. Your smile may become dull or discolored due to age or lifestyle choices:

  • Smoking causes yellowing and staining
  • Drinking coffee, tea, cola, and red wine stains teeth
  • The aging process affects your natural tooth color
  • Certain medications may contribute to tooth discoloration
  • Tooth decay and trauma may cause darkening and staining
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Polanight Teeth Whitening

How does it work?

The Polanight whitening system is a safe and effective take-home whitening kit that you apply while you sleep. It allows you to achieve your desired whitening effect in as little as 15 minutes a day or by wearing it overnight.

The tooth whitener uses a unique, high water content formulation with a neutral pH and high viscosity to protect your gums during the treatment. It also contains fluoride, which remineralizes the tooth surface to protect against sensitivity.

Please contact our office to find out if you’re a candidate for professional teeth whitening in NW Calgary.

Before and after effect of teeth whitening procedure

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